Monday, August 28, 2006

A Grand Day Out

Here are some photos from my round (playing with Dave) at Forest Hills Golf Course on Friday 25th August. A very enjoyable golf course with challenging holes that spiral around a mountain or two. This is Dave doing his Tiger impression and smacking his tee shot (some) yards down the fairway (re: into the deep rough).

The beauty of Japanese golf courses - the Beer Drinks Vending Machines! This was after the 6th hole, well really the 15th as we were playing the In Holes first. As you can tell from my shirt, it was bloody hot!

Another nice little addition to playing the round. The Course had computerised hole lay outs which judged your ball distance from the pin. Although clearly the chip couldn't take our play as it broke down with 4 holes to play meaning I was always 128 yards from the pin. If only....

Don't recall precisely which hole this one is, but I believe it is the 134 yard 8th (our 17th). I played my best par 3 tee-shirt in 5 years, but still managed to par the hole. Well, the green was a bit tricky you know...Dave's score was just a tad over mine because he put his ball.... the green side bunker! However, he then played a beauty of a sand shot to allow himself to completely mess up his putting, ending with a double bogey. Seriously though, the sand shot was a thing of real beauty. Of course, technically he never touched the ball with his club as quite a lot of sand got in between, but hey the ball still moved!

For modesty's sake I will protect the innocent and not reveal the scorecard. I was happy with my 8 pars though. Dave's putting was also a big improvement on his last round. We await our next 18 holes in September.

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