Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Morning Before...

For the first time this season, DEH FC will be playing a night game, which considering the brutality of the summer heat and humidity that has embraced this part of Japan in the last few weeks seems to be a blessing from the schedulers. So as the legs continue to get older , the limbs heavier and the team-mates younger, thoughts do progress to the day when I will be unable to do this, for this team at least. There have been some noticeable players who have turned out into their 50s, Nagai-san for Oasis/Palladium/Mollys and are current team-mate Hurley, who is enjoying his mid-40s and makes his first start of the season tonight. It seems very unlikely that I will reach that age of playing, there does come a time when one must just accept that observing has become the prominant detail of a person's relationship with the simple game. An acceptance that an England call has maybe just slipped down the path of unfullfilled dreams. Yet the day of ends has not yet arrived, so Capello can call on my services if the desire ever takes him to watch games from the Hiroshima City League Division B and see an ageing striker, with a bit of goal-scoring nous still hovering about him who could fill in now and again.
DEH FC vs Mazda A&T