Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dick Cheney - Dark Wizard?

During one of my lessons this week a thought struck me about recent topical happenings. Whilst watching Harry Potter discover the power of magic I came to an obvious conclusion about political kidnapping, urgh sorry Extraordinary Rendition. These secret European prisons that are supposed to exist storing countless of dangerous foreign sounding names, well nobody has ever seen them - right? But they exist, camouflaged before our very eyes, hidden from the sight of everyday normal people co-existing in a strange quasi-life reality. Just, well it kind of reminded me of the magic used to hide Hogwarts School away from non-magic people. Do you think Dick Cheney has a cauldron for mixing evil potions in?

As no one actually reads this site I feel safe from ending up banged up in a castle's dark common room somewhere. Also I don't have a beard.

1 comment:

Ningen Pasocon said...

Don't put too much stock in your safety. It wouldn't suprise me if the White House scours the net looking for any references to Bush or Cheney.