Thursday, March 22, 2007

Golf: Hurley Sets new P.B.

Date: 21st March, 2007
Place: Tokuyama Country Club Yamaguchi, Japan
Weather: Cold / Sunny
Conditions: Firm
Shot of the Day: Hurley's 7i approcah to the 17th to set up his par.

Noda, Hurley and myself had our first hits of the new golfing year at the attractive, if unforgiving Tokuyamma Country Club yesterday. Let us say there were no surprises in the final standings, yet the day's prize went to Hurley who has much improved his game since his last hit. Indeed, some of his approach play while certainly novel was outstandingly precise. The 17th being his highlight culminating in a 1-put for par that had the old fists pumping. His final tally breaking his previous lowest score by 7 shots!

Noda started sluggishly and was very annoyed with his out 9 score, the only highlight being a par on the tricky (and deceptively long) short 7th. However, after a refueling lunch, he burst out onto the course like a luge down a track. He ended with a lopsided scorecard of 4 pars and birdie in the inward 9.

For me, it was one of those rounds that you just want to forget very quickly. At one point, so bad was my confidence and swing that I was contemplating putting from the tee box – it surely would have moved the ball further! In addition I have developed a mental block with any short holes, doesn’t matter what the lay out, I will find the worst spot to plant my ball…The only small consolation was my putting saved me from a truly hideous scorecard. Without the touch on the green my score could have broken totals not posted since England were as bad as we are now (yes I know there are many, many periods to choose from, but I am referring to the 1988 European Championships, for those who can recall such torture…).

And now for some photos!

Noda & Hurley's legs aren't as young as they used to be! Using the escalator on the 2nd.

The 18th from the Tee

The cool little Electric Golf buggy that kept me amused during a painful round...

Hurley on the 16th. Notice the background! Just in case he shanks his ball...

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