Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some Golf Photos

In 2006 I was fortunate to play golf in several different countries (and yes England is different from Scotland!) and I was just trying to place the courses in some kind of "Jaime Ranking". Before I reveal the results, here are some photos from some of those courses - notice the slight difference in weather conditions!

"2 Swedes & Yorkshireman feel the warm coastal breeze, NE England, Winter, Freezing - Dunstanburgh Links Course

T Woods (Tim) trying a rescue on the par 3 13th. You got to hit over the North Sea...

Perfect for Swimming! View from the 13th

My Very helpful Caddy who had more belief in me than I did! Phuket

The Excellent Grand Canyon Course and the Blue Lagoon C.C, Phuket

Forest Hills G.C, Hiroshima - View from the 14th

Forest Hills, Me taking a swing on the 10th

Warkworth G.C, Northumberland England

The very short, very tricky, always windy Warkworth G.C

Mount Oswald G.C. 8th Hole - Winter fairway green - almost an eagle! (due to the somewhat uneven playing surface a lucky par..)

Flynn's first taste of golf - he was quite good!


My Favourites

1.St Andrews R&A

The Most Historic, The Most Popular, The Greatest and it's very best feature - it's a public course.

2.Close House G.C, Newcastle

The Cheapest Course I have ever played (about 130 times) Henrik & Tim know to what I refer to...

3. Alnwick Golf Course Northumberland

Long and almost always soaking wet, but incorporating some of the most beautiful scenery and odd bits of history to be found on any course. Also, I once birdied the massive uphill Par 5...

4. Misawa Setouchi Golf Resort, Hiroshima

Simply a stunning course. Very long, but on a hot summer day the ball can carry on and on and on. Also the beer huts, Club house and bath house are incredibly welcoming...

5. Boldon Golf Course, County Durham

A nice compact course that has some challenging holes. Also the only course in which I have had to carry the ball over a cemetery! Lots of variation and natural obstacles to overcome. Some surprisingly difficult short Par 3's.

6. Mount Oswald Mannor G.C, County Durham

A course that is beautiful in summer, but a real pain in winter. Cheap and very relaxed atmosphere for 18 holes. The 18th is a wonderful last hole, with the old manor house behind it and surrounded by trees.

7. Forest Hills Golf & Resort, Hiroshima

Another long and beautiful course - similar to Setouchi, but a bit flatter and less troublesome water! The golf buggies with the computerized ball yardage is a nice touch.

8. Newbury & Crookham G.C, Berkshire

My first regular golf course! A stickler for rules and dress code - no cycling caps allowed on this course. Members can be somewhat stuffy to younger players, but the course is great with lots of everything - water, trees, rough and animals! The long par 5 18th can add a cruel addition to a good score.

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