Wednesday, June 21, 2006

England Exasperate (Again...)

Another World Cup game and another dull performance from England. As SS England continues to leak water at an alarming rate there are some obvious questions to as Capt. Smith, sorry Eriksson;

1) Do you have gambling debts to shady men with cockney accents? Otherwise why no Jermain Defoe?

2) Are you are a charlatan?

3) What is 2+ 2?

4) Are you aware how poor Beckham is playing? The odd cross here and there does not make up for glaring deficiencies, for example Sweden first's first goal was scored due to Beckham's inept defensive ability. Perhaps he saw a photo op....

England should get to the Quarter-Finals where they will play Argentina or Holland. Either way it is Good Night Vienna, or perhaps Berlin. Another "golden opportunity" lost....But hey think of the positives! Remember England have a new exciting coach to transform us....oh yeh, sorry that is not going to happen....

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