Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lucky Seven

Whilst trawling through the British Sunday newspapers today, I came across an article proposing that England's World Cup triumph was in the bag because the team was eerily entwined with the number 7. The paper suggested the following reasons:
1) England must win 7 games to win the trophy.
2) The following words all have 7 letters: winners, England, captain and Beckham.
3) The final's on Sunday, the 7th day of the week, in July, the 7th month of the year.
4) The English captain David Beckham will lift the trophy wearing the No.7 shirt
5) England won Group B with 7 points. They will now play Ecuador, which amazingly also has 7
letters in its name!
6) There have only ever been, wait for it, 7 full-time English coaches.
7) England's coach's first name, Svennis, has that's right - 7 letters!*
You must agree that the proof is overwhelming... all the above points are connected with the number 7. Regrettably what they don't explain is why England have played pathetically, disjointedly and seemingly without a coherent defensive system. (are you reading Mr Campbell?)
If the best an English publication can come up with for England's success neglects, form, questionable squad choices, injuries, tactics, ability and skill, whilst relying on numerology then two conclusions can be drawn: 1) England are screwed 2) British Tabloids seriously need new editors.
I await in hope that England can win tonight's game playing well and looking a well-oiled team, or failing that unrealistic expectation we win whilst avoiding a penalty duel as our record is, you could probably have guessed this one - Lost 7.
*From Saturday June 24th's Daily Mirror

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